Your dreams are not your own

Dear Chris,

What the fuck were you thinking?!!

P.S. - And can I get some of what you're smokin'? Please...?

Just watched Inception last night and Chris Nolan is one twisted guy. I hate revealing anything about good movies so I'm not gonna say much on the plot and whatever else.
Special word on the fight scene in the hotel corridor - This is one of the most compelling bits of action I've seen in a while. The funny thing is when I saw his first Batman, my one gripe was that the close combat scenes were handled very poorly. Nolan has redeemed himself in this particular aspect and how!

This movie, in Ari Gold's words is, "a skull fuck".

Watch it.


Australis said...

DUDE! That was my ONE gripe too with The Dark Knight, told anybody who'd care to listen!!! But otherwise such a masterpiece, it hurts to think I've already seen it a few times and I won't ever again see it for the first time in complete and total awe.

Was totally immersed in inception...and agree with you on the fight scene again. :)

shenanigans said...

A skull fuck, indeed. I loved it!

Blackfayth said...

How's the knee now?

Knee now.... something funny about that :D

shenanigans said...

Sorry for much belated reply! The knee is all better except for a pretty little scar :-)

Nimbupaani said...

Yeah I agree... total mind fuck...!! More like.. I didn't know what hit me! :-D brilliant shit!