The One Where Miss Piggy bitchslaps BF

It must be all those Swine flu jokes I cracked in the past.... who knew I'd end up paying for it more than a year later. That's right folks I have just been tested positive for the ole H1N1 virus along with most of the family.

Regular services are expected to resume shortly.

See Australis, told ya it was a doozy! :D


Trillian said...

Wow, I'm sorry if I can't help but muse at the irony that gets thrown at all of us.

Take care, though. And get well soon. It's not really too dangerous a virus anymore, since we know it isn't mutating.

It should clear up in no time.

*fingers crossed*

Blackfayth said...

Oh I know its not dangerous... the post was more to laugh at the irony of it all.
And thank you for the wishes :)

Everything OK with you?! I'm not sure why I'm blocked off your blog. Can't seem to be able to follow you...

Australis said...

FUCK! So sorry to hear that dude...doozy indeed. I hope you and your family all get well soon. Hugs.

Trillian said...

I don't know either.
Blogger doesn't like me. It deleted all of my followers at one point.

shenanigans said...

Crap. Hope you're all recovered by now. Belated get well soon hugs.

Blackfayth said...

Yes I am all better now... slight traces of the cough still remain but that's nothing really.