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Hello and Greetings to all ye faithful,
It has been a while since my last confession post but then there hasn't been too much to write about really. So this shall be a random selection of thoughts currently circulating within that grey (see how I put that in there) area known as the Mind of Blackfayth.

The Piggy flu (as I'm calling it coz Swine flu sounds kinda derogatory and H1N1 has such a clinical feel to it) has made the city a paranoid place to be in. Of course, it could be a lot worse. For instance, the government could have waited even longer than it did to open additional testing centres besides the lone ranger Kasturba Hospital. Better late than never I suppose.


A friend's FB status read - 90 people die of Swine Flu and everyone wants to wear a mask. A million people die of AIDS and no one wants to wear a condom?!
Food for thought methinks...


So the one Hindi movie that I was looking forward to watching, Kaminey, I can't coz the theatres here and in Pune are shut for the weekend coz of the Piggyness sickness. But initial reports from the rest of the country and elsewhere in the world where it has been released, are so far promising which is good as a friend is associated with the film and I'm glad for her.


On a fair constant loop is the self titled hardrock album of American supergroup Chickenfoot, comprising of ex-Van Halen members Sammy Hagar (vox), Michael Anthony (bass), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) on skin duties and the guitar God himself, Joe Satriani. Nice crisp guitar riffs and bass lines, tight drums and Hagar's vocals hark back to his best times when he was with the Van Halen brothers. All in all a pretty strong effort.


Being a freelancer has got to be in equal parts the most liberating and frustrating thing in the world. Liberating coz you are your own boss. No one to mindfuck you about anything. Frustrating because your work depends on doosro-ki-meherbaani... well atleast for the time being since I haven't established myself in the field yet. Bah!


Been watching a bunch of new shows. All promising but unfortunately a couple (Trust Me & The Unusuals) have been cancelled after just one season due to low viewership. Man... it almost seems like these Americans cannot digest the intelligent writing on these shows. Note - To my readers who're in advertising agencies, you might identify a lot with Trust Me. Another fun show is Eastbound & Down which is rude and outrageous and pretty frickin' funny.

Neilsen- Nielsen- Neilsen- Nielsen-Neilsen- Nielsen-Neilsen- Nielsen-Neilsen- Nielsen

Y'know it is my serious belief that playing Guitar Hero is like being with a younger woman. It takes a while to get a hang of things but when you do... oh boy!


Lastly I have opened up a new blog. While it is primarily for the benefit of me and my friends, well... a little bit of humour never hurt any one :)

Peace Out