Track 1 or Track 2?

Like most kids back in the late 90's, I too was a big fan of the wrestling action from WWE featured on Prime Sports (anyone remember Prime Sports?!!). Of course back then it was popularly known as the WWF. And that went on for many a year till the World Wildlife Federation stepped and said, "You indescribably monstrous looking hulks are giving the real animals a bad name... The throbbing of those steriod-pumped veins in the sides of your necks are in fact scaring some of them! So give us our acronym back, McMahon and Co.!"

Now I bring up the matter of the WWE because after years of watching 'real' wrestling, I realised what I found completely fascinating, besides the athleticism of the wrestlers, was how the crowd's reaction could be so easily manipulated with a piece of music. I'm talking about the entry music of the participants which used to (and still does) drive the crowd wild!

Anyway back to the matter at hand which involves a decision of sorts to be made. I am at a stage in my life where I can actually make an entry into an arena (ok so it's a casino on a ship... don't scoff at my inner 14 year old!) accompanied by a piece of entry music.
So check out the two tracks below and tell me which one you like best...


Musically humped

and I don't mean that like when you bump uglies with Boyz II Men playing in the background...

There's a word in eleet known as 'Pwned'. No, eleet or leet or leetspeak isn't a foreign language but it is considered to be an alternative language to English. This 'language' (some might call it a corruption of sorts) was cooked up by the techie community. An example of leet will clear things up adequately (and if it doesn't, forget this long drawn ramble and watch the damn video already... I pity the foo!... (yeah ok just saw the A-Team trailer again today).

Right so back to the example - now the word leet itself would in leetspeak look like 1337 or l33t. Gaming legend has it that 'Pwned' as a word originated from the game Warcraft. When the computer beat a player in the game, the words "Player X has been owned!" were supposed to flash on the screen. But one of the designers screwed up while writing the code and misspelt owned as pwned. Slowly the typo/word took hold in the gamers' lexicon and before you knew pwned meant Perfectly Owned. These days of course while still primarily used by gamers, it has entered mainstream vocabulary case in point, "India totally pwned Bangladesh in the recently concluded test series."

So you might be now asking, BF you blithering twit, what on earth are you going on and on and on about?
Said blithering twit would like to direct your attention to the video below.
Please pay particular attention to 03:12 - 05:55

 Moral of the story - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan pwned Ali Azmat's a$$